Wick Testing Coco Soy / EC26 Wax & Zinc Wicks

I'm currently testing Coco Soy / EC26 with Zinc candle wicks.  Zinc core wicks have a unique construction that provides maximum rigidity in a wide variety of candle waxes.  The Zinc Core's jacket design is 100% all-natural and maintains unmatched rigidity in the molten wax pool.  Zinc Core wicks are cotton braids with an inner zinc core (no lead alloys).  Zinc core wicks are cooler burning reduce soot and mushrooming.

I'm using a 3-1/8" jar and the wicks I'm using are Zinc 34-40 (double wick), Zinc 36-24-24 (double wick), Zinc 44-20-18 (single wick), Zinc 51-32-18 (single wick), and Zinc 60-44-18 (single wick).  I'm using Cashmere fragrance oil at 9% fragrance load.  I will allow it to cure for 2 weeks before testing them. I will keep you updated!  

If you've found a combination that works for you, please feel free to share your results below. 

**Should've tested 44-32-18 Zinc instead of 44-20-18.  Ooops. I will test that one if it looks like I need to. 


Wax Type Vessel Size Wicks Fragrance Load Results
EC26 3-1/8" 34-40 (Double Wick) 9% Cashmere It looks good, BUT I think this jar will do fine with a single wick. We will see.  **This one looks really good. No soot, but it did burn down before any of the single wicks. 
EC26 3-1/8" 36-24-24 (Double Wick) 9% Cashmere There is a good size melt pool in this one, too early I think. Might be overwicked. We will see. **These wicks are burning too fast.  **There's quite a bit of soot at the top, so this one is overwicked. 
EC26 3-1/8" 40-20-18 (Single Wick) 9% Cashmere I made this by mistake. It's too small of a wick.  Should've tested 44-32-18.  This one isn't going to work, I'm sure. **Too small of wicks. Still some wax hang up on the sides. 
EC26 3-1/8" 44-32-18 (Single Wick) 9% Cashmere I ended up making this one.  It's curing now and will test it next week.  **I started burning this one, so we will see.  
EC26 3-1/8" 51-32-18 (Single Wick) 9% Cashmere This one looks really good. No soot and no wax hang up on the sides.  Good jar temp and melt pool temp. 
EC26 3-1/8" 60-44-18 (Single Wick) 9% Cashmere Waiting to see.  OK, this wick is too large for this size vessel.  It's 3/4 down and there is some soot starting to form along the rim. **This wick is too big.  A lot of soot at the top.

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