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New Releases

New Releases

Our exclusive collection of clean, phthalate-free fragrance oils are unique, sophisticated, and created using quality fragrance oils + pure essential oils from around the globe.  Our fragrance oils are tested for top performance and are ideal in coconut, soy, and natural waxes.  They are phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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Sweater Weather Fragrance OilSweater Weather Fragrance Oil
Sweater Weather Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.00
Caramel Apple Crisp Fragrance OilCaramel Apple Crisp Fragrance Oil
Merry Maple Bourbon Fragrance OilMerry Maple Bourbon Fragrance Oil
Marshmallow Fireside Fragrance OilMarshmallow Fireside Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Fragrance OilVanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Fragrance Oil
Mahogany Teakwood Fragrance OilMahogany Teakwood Fragrance Oil
Mahogany Teakwood Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.25
Wild Mountain Honey Fragrance OilWild Mountain Honey Fragrance Oil
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Fragrance OilPumpkin Pecan Waffles Fragrance Oil
White Birch Shavings Fragrance OilWhite Birch Shavings Fragrance Oil
Brandied Pear Fragrance OilBrandied Pear Fragrance Oil
Brandied Pear Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.25
Sweet Orchard Bourbon Fragrance OilSweet Orchard Bourbon Fragrance Oil
Spiced Vanilla Bourbon + Mandarin Fragrance OilSpiced Vanilla Bourbon + Mandarin Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Woods Fragrance OilCranberry Woods Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Woods Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.00
Chestnut + Birch Fragrance OilChestnut + Birch Fragrance Oil
Chestnut + Birch Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.00
Strawberry Pound Cake Fragrance OilStrawberry Pound Cake Fragrance Oil
Tobacco + Bay Leaf Fragrance OilTobacco + Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil
Baja Cactus Blossom Fragrance OilBaja Cactus Blossom Fragrance Oil
Grapefruit Kiwi Crush Fragrance OilGrapefruit Kiwi Crush Fragrance Oil
Fruit Loops Fragrance OilFruit Loops Fragrance Oil
Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $4.25
Midnight Tides Fragrance OilMidnight Tides Fragrance Oil
Midnight Tides Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $6.00
Blueberry Swirl Bars Fragrance OilBlueberry Swirl Bars Fragrance Oil
Homestead Banana Nut Bread Fragrance OilHomestead Banana Nut Bread Fragrance Oil