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Melt and Pour Instructions - Caluxe C55 Tart Wax

How to Use
  • This wax is much harder than our container waxes.  Personally, I use a butter knife to cut it into more manageable pieces. 
  • Heat to 190 - 200° F, remove from the heat source, add fragrance oil, stir for 60 seconds and pour depending on the material that you're pouring into.  For silicone molds, pour around 170 - 180°F.  For clamshells, pour between 145 - 170° F. Please see your clamshell vendor's product description for exact pouring temperature.  
  • For the smoothest tops on clamshells or larger melts, pour 85% of the container, cool, then pour the remaining 15%.
  • The maximum fragrance load is 8-10%, but higher fragrance loads should be tested per fragrance.
  • We recommend allowing a 1 week cure time to maximize the cold and heat throw.

Safety Data Sheet

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