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Fragrance Load Calculator

How do you calculate the amount of fragrance oil to use?

First, you need to know what percentage of fragrance oil you want to use. The average usage is 6%.

Here is a basic formula:

(oz of wax using) x (% of fragrance oil you want to use) = (oz of fragrance oil needed)

For example, let's say you are using two pounds of wax and want to use 6% fragrance oil.

First, you'll need to calculate the number of ounces of wax you have:

2 x 16 (number of oz in 1 pound) = 32oz

Plug these numbers into your formula:

32 x 6% = 1.92oz

You can round up to 2oz for easy measuring on your scale.

Below, I created an easy fragrance load calculator where it will calculate the amount of fragrance oil needed in both ounces and grams. 

HH Fragrance Load Calculator and Weight to Grams Conversion