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Wick Guide & Wicking Tips

These are SUGGESTIONS and your results may vary based on fragrances and fragrance % used.  Please test everything fragrance/wax/jar combo you intent to carry in your inventory. Not every combo will wick the same- some will take smaller size wicks and other larger ones.

:  Coconut blended waxes are different than regular soy wax. There won't be a full melt pool until you get about half way down the jar. 100% soy has a "memory" and will tunnel, however, coconut blended waxes don't as much.  Initially, there will be some "hang up" on the sides of the jar but as the wick burns, the sides of the jar heat up, and melt the rest of the wax.

Wick Guides:

Coco Apricot/Ceda-Serica--->Wick Guide
Coco Soy/EC26--->Wick Guide
Coconut 83--->Wick Guide
Soy 10--->Wick Guide
Coconut 84x--->Wick Guide
51104--->Wick Guide

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