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Liquisorb UV Inhibitor

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Introducing our secret weapon for all the candle enthusiasts out there! Say hi to our UV inhibitor - the ultimate solution to extend the life of your colorful candles.  No matter how bright and vibrant your candles are, they are no match for the harsh UV rays that can damage and fade them over time. But worry not, our Liquisorb UV Light Stabilizer comes to the rescue!  With this magical liquid in your hands, you can now sell candles outdoors or display them in stores without worrying about their color fading away.  Our UV inhibitor is the perfect match for various wax blends such as paraffin, soy, palm, and other vegetable blends. 

This additive will also protect white candles from yellowing after prolonged exposure to light.

Key Benefits

  • Superior broad spectrum coverage
  • Provides superior protection to prevent color fade due to UV light induced degradation
  • Ease of solubility. Solubilizes immediately and more efficiently.

  • Can be mixed directly into fragrance oil before pouring it into the wax.
  • Easy pour liquid
  • High heat resistance
  • Improved burn profile 
  • Mitigates color shift in multiple fragrance categories

Directions: Add to wax at 185° F and stir.
Recommended Usage: .1% to .2% (equals about 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon per pound of wax)

**If making smaller candle batches, you may prefer to use a dropper, whereas measuring would be better for larger candle batches.

Made in the USA

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Liquisorb UV Inhibitor

Liquisorb UV Inhibitor

8 oz Bottle

35590 Groesbeck

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

35590 Groesbeck Highway
Clinton Township MI 48035
United States

Liquisorb UV Inhibitor
Liquisorb UV Inhibitor Sale price$15.00

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