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Melt and Pour Instructions - Coco Soy 5465 Titan Wax

How to Use

  • Prepare vessels first, or prepare while wax is heating up. ie wick vessels and secure with wick centering bars before pouring in hot wax.
  • Cut wax into smaller chunks.  Coco Soy is a much harden wax, but it's still soft enough where you can use a butter knife to score it or pry into it, and break it into smaller chunks.
  • Heat to 175°F degrees, remove from the heat source. Immediately add fragrance oil and stir for 15-30 seconds.  If you're adding dye, add dye and stir for an additional 15-30 seconds until fully blended.
  • For consistently smooth results, it is recommended to pour between 140-150°F.
  • For thick glass and or cooler room temperatures below 65°F, pre-heating the glass is recommended.  For example, you can either place jars in the oven on the lowest setting, or use a heat gun to preheat jars.
  • For smoother top surfaces (ie granite), it is recommended to heat lamp the surface after candle has set up or place candle on a raised cooling rack.
  • The maximum fragrance load is 8-12%, but higher fragrance loads should be tested per fragrance.  Personally, I use 8-9% fragrance load.
  • We recommend allowing a 1 week cure time to maximize the cold and hot throw.
WICKING TIP:  Coconut blended waxes are different than regular soy wax. There won't be a full melt pool until you get at least half way down the jar. 100% soy has a "memory" and will tunnel, however, coconut blended waxes don't as much.  Initially, there will be some "hang up" on the sides of the jar but as the wick burns, the sides of the jar heat up, and melt the rest of the wax.

Safety Data Sheet

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