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Hi, I'm Angie.  The concept to start Hive and Honey Candle Co centered around the love and appreciation for candle making, crafting, and beekeeping.  That's right, I keep honey bees!  I'm located in the Detroit area.  I started making candles in 2018 because I was obsessed with candles, always having one, sometimes 2 or 3 burning at a time.  So, I figured I'd try my hand at candle making instead of constantly buying them.  Well... most of you know, it's not as easy as one thinks.  It is constant trial and error with the many different wicks, waxes, fragrance loads, etc etc.  Well, my love of candle making coupled with my entrepreneurial skills is how Hive and Honey Candle Co was formed.  I started at the beginning/middle of 2020 and we've been growing and adding new products to the Hive and Honey Candle Co line since. My future plan for Hive and Honey Candle is to provide other candle makers with products and KNOWLEDGE to grow their hobby and/or business.

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