Angie's Wick Testing Results for CDN Wicks

I'm using a 13.5 oz Libbey jar with a diameter of 3-1/8".  Feel free to adjust your wicks accordingly based on your wax, vessel size/diameter, and fragrance load.  Hopefully this helps with your testing and gives you a reference point to start with. 

Wicks Wax Vessel Diameter Fragrance Load Results
CDN Wicks Coco Soy / EC26 3-1/8" 9% Currently testing
CDN Wicks Soy Bliss / CB2 3-1/8" 9%
CDN Wicks Coco Apricot / Ceda Serica 3-1/8" 9% Scheduled
CDN Wicks Soy 10 3-1/8" 9% Scheduled
CDN Wicks Coco 83 3-1/8" 9% Scheduled
CDN Wicks Coco 84X 3-1/8" 9% Scheduled