Wick Testing Coco Soy / EC26 Wax & HTP Wicks

I'm currently testing Coco Soy / EC26 candle wax with HTP candle wicks.  I'm hoping that this will be helpful to some when narrowing down which wicks to use.  Feel free to adjust based on your wax/vessel/fragrance oil combo.  I'm using a vessel that's 3-1/8" inner diameter at the top, so if yours is smaller, you will want to wick down.  It's best to test a couple wick sizes in a few wick series or brands to see what you like the best!  Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions at all.  I'm here to help. 

About HTP Wicks...
The HTP wick is flat braided in design, but with thin paper filaments intertwined. The result is a cleaner-burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling, and a hotter, more efficient flame.  Combined with our high melt wax coating, the HTP wick is an excellent alternative in hard to burn application and is a good all-around choice for vegetable wax candles that require hotter burn conditions.

I'm using a 3-1/8" jar and the wicks I'm using are HTP 62 (double wick), HTP 83 (single wick), HTP 93 (single wick), and HTP 104 (single wick).  I'm using our Cashmere fragrance oil at 9% fragrance load.  I'm curious about HTP wicks because they burn hotter than other wicks, ie Premier, LX, and Zinc.  Coconut wax is a softer wax, but EC26 is blended with soy, so we will see. I will allow it to cure for 2 weeks before testing them. I will keep you updated! The other items I used when testing are the bowtie wick centering bars and our candle wick trimmers.

If you've found a combination that works for you, please feel free to share your results below.

Wax Type Vessel Size Wicks Fragrance Load Results
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 52 (Double Wick) 9% Scheduled
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 62 (Double Wick) 9% Definitely too much wick for this vessel.  Melt pool is too deep and jar is too hot to soon.
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 83 (Single Wick) 9% It's early, but I believe this wick will be too small for this vessel.
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 93 (Single Wick) 9% This one was decent, but there was more wax hangup on the sides. The HTP 104 was better for this vessel.
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 104 (Single Wick) 9% This one burned really nice.  No soot on the jars and no extra wax hang up on the sides.  There was a little bit of wax left on the bottom of the jar, but overall, burned really well. 
EC26 3-1/8" HTP 105 (Single Wick) 9% I poured a tester for this later and now I'm currently testing it. I waited 2 weeks for it to cure.  It will be between the 104 & 105. **This turned out really good too.  It's a toss up between the 104 & 105. 

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