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HPSP Sample Pack

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Our HPSP Sample Pack includes 5 of each of our 22 different HPSP sizes. 

Constructed of specially treated cotton, Special High-Performance Flat Wicks by São Vitor are often used in container candles, pillars, tapers, decorative, votives, and tealight candles because it minimizes soot. HPSP candle wicks feature a long strand and tight braids to inhibit carbon deposit and afterglow.  These are designed to use in coconut blended waxes. 

  • Constructed from long strand, tight braid, and specially treated cotton.
  • Designed to be used in container candles, pillars, tapers, decorative, votives, and tealight candles.
  • Engineered to minimize soot and inhibit carbon deposit and afterglow.

Our HPSP candle wicks are primed in a high melt point wax, are pre-cut to 6" lengths, and are tabbed using a 20mm round wick tab with a 6mm neck.

Note: We recommend testing new wick sizes when making any modifications to existing candle recipes or making new candles. Burning characteristics can be altered by changes in wax, fragrance oil, dye, and/or additives, which could result in a different optimal wick size for the same diameter candle.  Made in the USA.

Do you need help with centering your candle wicks?  Check out our new Wick Centering Tool

HPSP General Wick Guide

Suggested Container Size (Container Diameter)

  • HPSP 197 / HPSP 66: 3.7"
  • HPSP 236 / HPSP 63: 3.54"
  • HPSP 257 / HPSP 60: 3.44"
  • HPSP 272 / HPSP 57: 3.43"
  • HPSP 300 / HPSP 54: 3.39"
  • HPSP 331 / HPSP 51: 3.13"
  • HPSP 335 / HPSP 48: 3.11"
  • HPSP 377 / HPSP 45: 3.09"
  • HPSP 399 / HPSP 42: 3.07"
  • HPSP 493 / HPSP 39: 2.76"
  • HPSP 502 / HPSP 36: 2.48"
  • HPSP 531 / HPSP 33: 2.36"
  • HPSP 535 / HPSP 30: 2.19"
  • HPSP 567 / HPSP 27: 2.18"
  • HPSP 660 / HPSP 24: 2.17"
  • HPSP 662 / HPSP 21: 2.16"
  • HPSP 708 / HPSP 18: 2.15"
  • HPSP 817 / HPSP 15: 1.98"
  • HPSP 891 / HPSP 12: 1.97"
  • HPSP 939 / HPSP 9: 1.77"
  • HPSP 1065 / HPSP 6: 1.57"
  • HPSP 1259 / HPSP 3: 1.56"

WICKING TIP:  Coconut blended waxes are different than regular soy wax. There won't be a full melt pool until you get about half way down the jar. 100% soy has a "memory" and will tunnel, however, coconut blended waxes don't as much.  Initially, there will be some "hang up" on the sides of the jar but as the wick burns, the sides of the jar heat up, and melt the rest of the wax.

HH Candle Co General Wick Guide -- These are SUGGESTIONS and your results may vary based on fragrances and fragrance % used.  Please test everything fragrance/wax/jar combo you intent to carry in your inventory. Not every combo will wick the same- some will take smaller size wicks and other larger ones.

HH Candle Co General Wick Guide

HH Candle Co WOOD WICK Ceda Serica

HH Candle Co WOOD WICK EC26 / Coco Soy

HPSP Wicks Rate of Consumption Chart (downloadable)

What is Yield?
Measured in yards of wick per pound in weight. The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated.

What is Rate of Consumption?
The ROC (rate of consumption) is the amount of wax consumed in ounces per hour in a standardized text. The rate may vary with different waxes. Test burning is always recommended to determine the proper wick for your wax formula and vessel.

HPSP Candle Wicks Burn Rate Chart | Rate of Consumption | Hive and Honey Candle Co
HPSP Candle Wicks Burn Rate Chart | Rate of Consumption | Hive and Honey Candle Co

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